Ebonie Ervin

Media Specialist


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Ebonie Ervin


I graduated from the College of Charleston with my bachelor’s in Spanish.  I then received my master’s degree of library and information science in 2010 from the University of South Carolina.  I worked for several years as a Children’s Librarian before transitioning to public education as a Media Specialist. I have been a media specialist for 12 years.                                                                                                                                                    

In the past few years I have become very aware of the impact that media specialist can have on the lives of their students.  Students’ opportunities for success will be enhanced by the skills we will be covering in library class. I hope to instill a strong love of reading in our students; creating stronger readers and increased literacy skills.  We will discover the many different types of books in the library, how to find them, take care of them and enjoy them.  We will also learn about digital literacy and how to research.  My goal here in the media center is to share my passion for reading with your children and create lifelong readers and effective users of information.  
Library schedule August 2023